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Get the best Mud Crab Boxes and Crab Farming Boxes alongside crab farming services at reasonable prices.
About Us

Crab Farming India is the home of the aquaculture industry, which is led by RD Enterprise, a key supplier and manufacturer in India. With our carefully built boxes and customized solutions, we offer the Best Mud Crab Boxes and Crab Farming Boxes for vertical and open pond farming solutions. We offer the most cost-effective and efficient product range for crab farming, soft shell crab breeding, and crab fattening.

RD Enterprise, an expert provider of high-quality aquaculture products, was established in 2017. Since its inception, we have a high reputation for providing specialized services, including fabrication, erection, and equipment installation.

Mud Crab Framing

Crab farming is a popular aquaculture method that is rapidly gaining popularity. There are two techniques employed.

  • Grow out Farming: In this farming, young crabs are reared and grown for a set number of months until they achieve marketable weight and size. It is a pond-based farming technique for crabs.
  • Fattening Systems:  Techniques for crab culture employing boxes, such as Indore crab/vertical crab culture farming and open pond box culture/outdoor crab farming, are among the current methods for fattening crabs.

The main advantages of Crab Breeding and Farming include:

  • The cost of labor is inexpensive
  • The cost of production is comparable to shrimp farming.
  • During the culture, there is minimal danger.
  • Crabs have a strong international and domestic market.

Our Product Range

All our Mud Crab Boxes and Crab Farming Boxes are constructed and inspected to the highest industry standards and requirements to ensure consistency and performance quality. Our product range is tested to be anti-toxic and is completely covered against any defects. As a result, customers can have confidence in the quality and dependability of our products, operating processes, and services since we have earned accreditations.

Environmentalism is important to us.

We understand the importance of the environment in our success. In exchange, we pledge to provide environmentally friendly products and to improve the environmental impact of our production facilities continually.

Our Major Clients  

  • AB Group: AP
  • Carmo Enterprise- Goa
  • CIBA (Central Institute of Brackish Water Aquaculture)- INDIA.
  • CIBA: Navsari, Gujarat
  • CIBA- Palghar, Maharashtra
  • CIBA- Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
  • CIBA- Sindhudurg, Maharashtra
  • Golden Wings Ltd., Thailand  
  • Gujarat Government
  • Harihara Hatcheries: AP
  • JTC Aqua-Veraval, Gujarat
  • Met Group, LLC: Dubai
  • Navin Florin International Ltd, Surat
  • Purnagiri Aqua Farm- Gujarat
  • Surat Municipal Corporation

Our Mission 

We strive to collaborate closely with our customers to achieve outstanding results by giving them the greatest expertise and knowledge available. We hope to work together with our other stakeholders to build a long-term sustainable solution by providing Mud Crab Boxes and Crab Farming Boxes.
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